Chub Trap

The Chub Trap is made with a wooden frame on each end. These ends make up the two funnels. The funnels are connected by a galvanized metal frame. It is made with quarter inch wire mesh. Each funnel slopes in from all four sides creating a slot that is 1/2 inch by approximately 5 inches. This slot can be widened very easily with your fingers if you wish to catch larger minnows or Chubs. It can be used in all bodies of water. It can also be used to trap crayfish, mud puppies, salamanders and all kinds of minnows.

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20% discount for pick up at the manufacturer with order of 10 or more.

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36"L x 18"W x 15"H
$149.00 (FREE SHIPPING in the United States. Shipping to Canada is $30.00 per trap)