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K-Traps LLC is owned by Shawn and Joy Henkel. The business was purchased in July 2019 from the Kveene families. Everything about the business will stay the same, the quality, the location and the customer service. The only thing that changed are the names and faces of the owners. The business is still located on the Kveene's property. Shawn and Joy have been working at K-Traps with the Kveene's during the last year. If you've purchased traps in the last year they have already been built by us, so the quality will not change.

The Kveene's orginally purchased the business in January 2008 from a local individual that designed and produced these traps for approximately 20 years. During the first 6 years of production, the original traps were built as a project for a local community based mental health facility. In 1995, the previous owner went into production working out of his house and garage. All of the traps were built by himself and very limited part time labor.

K-Traps will continue this tradition by building all of the traps personally and utilizing the help of some part time employees. All of the parts and traps are built by hand. When you order products from K-Traps, you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

We look forward to hearing from you good, bad or otherwise. We can't improve without your input and if you like what we have let us know that too, so we continue those things. Thank you for your continued support.

Shawn and Joy Henkel