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minnows in water


Our traps are all handmade with high-quality materials to ensure long, trouble-free performance. The quality materials include frames of pine or galvanized metal. Also used are coated screws, staples and steel rivets. 1/4" welded wire mesh is used for all minnow traps. Our 1/4" wire mesh is .035 diameter (20 gauge) which is heavier than what most of our competitors use. Our 1/2 inch wire is .041 diameter.

Construction methods include a construction adhesive that is added to some traps to prevent jagged edges and also helps the wire adhere to the frame of the trap. Traps come with a slide door or a hinge door located for fast unloading. Doors are conveniently located for fast unloading. All traps have an entry point for the minnows called a funnel. Some people refer to this also as a "throat". These traps are large but very light in weight. These traps can also be used to trap certain fish, eels, or crayfish.

We have available 1/8-, 1/6-, 1/4-, 1/3- and 1/2-inch wire so traps can be custom-made to your specifications if you need something other than 1/4-inch.

DISCLAIMER: You must check your state regulations regarding the trapping of minnows or other fish. In addition, your state may have size restrictions for personal use.