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Received the traps one week ago Monday and set them in that afternoon. I am a commercial live bait trapper in Manitoba.......Went back three days later to do my clean out and the smallest trap had enough bait in it to pay for all three traps—over four gallons of fish. Thank you very much on a product that is so professionally built.

The medium size trap blew me away last week. It out did my best catch ever—over $1000 wholesale after cleaning eight traps. Most of the minnows were caught in your traps and no loss of minnows. Thank you.

Manitoba, Canada

All their traps are top quality. Can't beat their clovers!!! Great people to do business with!

Mark H.

These are the very best minnow traps money can buy!!! I have been using mine for two years now with 100% satisfaction. Keep up the great job K-Traps.


Great Traps. Great Prices! Nice guys!


A1 Bait has been netting and trapping fish for our customers for 20 years. This past year has been our most productive year in business I must say. K-Traps are the best traps we ever used. We are very pleased with the durability. The new style trapdoors on the box traps are the best. You make my job easy.

A1 Bait Supply
Western New York State

Oswald Fisheries Inc. of Minnesota and South Dakota is happy to offer a testimonial for K-Traps inc of Willmar, Minnesota. Key for Oswald Fisheries is Randy At K-Traps has been fair priced, has a great quality product, and build out and delivery comes as agreed to. Very important to our company is they hold up to commercial use and they outperform trapping two to one of any other traps we've used. Keep up the great work.

Greg Oswald,
Oswald Fisheries Inc.
507-684-3803 - Corporate office
612-360-1596 - Cell

I have used my new trap for two days now and it's working wonderfully. Thanks for a great product!

Cory Zimmerman

I have been using cloverleaf-style traps for dais, fathead, common and golden shiners and other baitfish for 6 years and believe them to be the most effective hand—manageable design available. What is so compelling about the K-Traps models is that the are designed with heavy gauge and seated firmly so that the spacing integrity of entry points are constant, and that is the most important component of this type of design, which is really a "triple trap." In poorly built traps the three traps tend to collapse on each other in actual use, making the three openings irregular with some too small and others so large the minnows can escape. K-traps had addressed this problem by housing the traps so they remain in place. I also like the placement of the door for removing the bait.

Fred Grave
Maberly, Ontario, Canada

I've been using these traps for years and K-Traps has been great to deal with. I mainly use the clover leaf and funnel traps.

Ryan H.

I am conducting research on walleye survival and growth in small impoundments of South Dakota. For this research, I needed to hold walleye fingerlings (average total length of 39mm) in a trap and be able to access the inside of the trap every few days while keeping the trap under water. I was certain there were no commercial traps available to meet the requirements for this study. I contacted Randy who was more than willing to help me. His team was able to modify the B-trap design including placing the trap door on the top side to allow me easy access to the inside of the cage. Randy then suggested using a small mesh size (1/8) which was better suited for holding walleye fingerlings. These traps held up exceptionally well to wind and wave action, boat traffic, and fluctuating lake levels. The sturdy design held up to boulders and woody debris yet were light enough to maneuver.

My experience working with the K-Traps team was equally pleasing as they were able to produce my order in a timely manner, answer questions about setting up the traps, and periodically checked in to see how the traps were working for me.

My research was a success.

Megan Thul
South Dakota State University